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Industrial Wire Supplier

Since 1884, Malin Company has emerged a leading wire supplier of stainless steel wire, copper wire and safety lockwire to industry. We are a full-service supplier and can accomodate virtually any packaging requests.

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industrial wire supplier


Safety Lock Wire

We supply high quality safety lock wire for use in the Aerospace Industry. Our aircraft safety lock wire conforms to ASTM, MS and AN specifications is available in our unique handy dispensing can. Safetywire / lockwire is available in a wide variety of materials including: brass wire, aluminum wire, copper wire and stainless steel safety wire.

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safetywire lockwire lock wire


Grounding Wire for Solar Panels / Solar Panel Installation

stainless steel wire manufacturer

Searching for grounding wire for your solar panel installation? Malin can supply a variety of metals and wire sizes as well as customer spool and coil lengths to suit your needs in copper, stainless steel and aluminum. Contact Malin for your solar panel grounding wire needs.

Versatile Wire Packaging

stainless steel wire manufacturer saftey wire lock wire

Whether you’re looking for 1lb handy canisters or 50lb spools, we can accomodate your wire supply needs. Malin works with wholesale and catalog distributors that are supplying the industrial, aerospace, defense, medical, fishing, marine and retail industries.

We provide a wide variety of wire packaging solutions including private labeling, custom packaging and stocking programs.

We ship our products worldwide. Contact us for more information.


How May We Help?
Call 800-967-9697


Due to the current business climate, our lead-times vary based on material availability. Please contact customer service at 1-800-967-9697 for lead-time on this product.

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Electrolysis Wire

Electrolysis wire for electrolysis fuel supplementation apparatus for combustion engines which breaks down water into hydrogen and oxygen then added to the fuel delivery system.

stainless steel wire

Medical Wire

We supply stainless steel surgical wire and orthodontic wire with electro polished / clean finishes.

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Fishing / Marine Wire

malin stainless wire manufacturer

We manufacture Malin brand innovative fishing products including Malin wire leaders and Malon products.

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Craft Wire

We are a whoiesale / bulk supplier of craft wire. Our stainless steel wire and galvanized annealed wire is available in a variety of wire gauges. Galvanized Wire, designed to prevent rusting, is an extremely versatile wire and a great choice for jewelry wire beading. A range of craft wire from brass wire, aluminum wire, copper wire and stainless steel wire, handy for use with a variety of hobbies such as jewelry design, wire art, sculpture and pottery.

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Twisted-In Wire Brushes

Custom twisted in wire brushes, gun brushes, medical brushes, fitting brushes, tube brushes and cotton swabs. We manufacture all brushes to exact customer specifications.

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twisted in wire brushes

Brush Wire

An extensive selection of brush wire including stainless, inconel, monel, nickel, carbon steel, copper and brass.

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